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Our E-news offers:

  • 38,000+ Subscribers
  • 28% Average Open Rate
  • 5.5% Average Click Rate

Opportunities include:

  • Promotional email blast
  • Media Partnership
  • Email Newsletter Advertising

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Promotional Email Blast

This promotional email blast goes out to all 38,000+ subscribers.

The e-mail blast should be a contest, discount offer, event promotion or other call out to our subscribers. This will result in a stronger ROI for your brand.

We only offer this opportunity twice a month, so book now.

Required Deliverables:

  • Blast must have a special offer, discount, or opportunity
  • Product Photo, or images of special/discount running; 300dpi, jpeg, pdf or flash
  • Max width 600 pixels
  • Text description of the contest/promo
  • Hyperlink
  • Materials due at least 7 business days prior to email send date, so proof can be sent and approved

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Media Partnership

Maximize your new video, product or content with a sponsored post

Required Deliverables:

  • Product Photo, or images of special/discount running; 300dpi, jpeg, pdf or flash
  • Image size: 1200 width x 800 height
  • Text description – 30-35 words includes title
  • Hyperlink 
  • Click here for an e-newsletter example with a Media Partnership with Syncros

Booking is easy, click here.

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E-mail newsletter advertising

Target your message to over 38,000+ cyclists that receive our weekly E-newsletter. The E-News provides timely, newsworthy content that subscribers look forward to reading, and provides advertisers an uncluttered environment for delivering their message.

Newsletter banner ad: 600 x 75 (a scaled-down version of the 728×90).

35% Open Rate

8.5% Average Click Rate

*Limited to 3 E-News banners per letter


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