Dirt Rag Premium Bike Giveaway

Premium Bike Giveaway

Premium Giveaway: Promoted with a full-page inside the magazine, on the website, a mention in our weekly E-News (54,000+subscribers) and Facebook. Your product will be promoted to thousands of readers on both the web and in print. To enter, readers fill out a short survey with questions provided by the advertiser.

Drawing a Winner: A winner will be chosen based on the magazine issue booked. Prizes are to be sent to winners within 2 weeks.

The sweepstakes will be publicized in the following ways:

  • A full page in the print magazine
  • A Website Post announcing the contest linking to the online survey
  • Announcement on Facebook tagging your brand
  • Announcement in our weekly E-News
  • A reminder post on Facebook and in our weekly E-News near end of the giveaway with your brand tagged.
  • Winner will be chosen, you will be notified of the winner name, email address & shipping information. We prefer that you ship prizes to the winner promptly within 2 weeks or less.

Timing: We will only schedule one Premium Giveaway per issue, book EARLY if you have a special product launch or date in mind.

Required Deliverables

  • .jpeg or .png image(s) of prize with MRSP value of $100+
  • Link to prize details on your website
  • Short prize description
  • 2 survey type questions and multiple choice answers
  • Must be submitted all deliverable 2-weeks in advance to meet scheduled sweepstakes due date

Examples of Past Giveaways:




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