Native Sponsorship and Co-Branded Content

There are new opportunities to partner with Dirt Rag in 2019!

Dirt Rag works with our partners in a number of different ways. We label our funded content so our audience understands how our partners are involved in the content’s creation. There are three different opportunities, all have limited availability so contact us right away to book yours.

Created With

“Created With” is used to describe Dirt Rag content that has been created with funding from an advertiser and produced in conjunction with Dirt Rag’s editorial department. Advertisers may be involved in creating this content by placing their products into the content, collaborating on topics & themes before the content is produced or in select other ways. In all instances of “Created With” Dirt Rag has final say over the content and is not obligated to incorporate feedback from the advertiser.

Investment for projects on the website:
$2,000 minimum, includes 2 photos, 1,000 words
Investment for projects in the magazine:
$1,500 a page, 5-page minimum.
1-2 photo or illustration per page ~ 500 words per page
All Created With Partnerships must be booked with 4-6 months lead time.

Brand Partnership
A new opportunity to feature your brand as an exclusive sponsor in our upcoming print and digital editorial. Your gear will be used by our team and included in photo placements.

We’ll provide photo assets for use in your ongoing marketing efforts — website, print campaigns, social media and more! Your logo and link will be included in the story.

Investment for projects on the website:
$1,000 per story + product for use during content creation

Investment for projects in the magazine
$1,000 per story + product for use during content creation

Options available for mutually beneficial (non-competing) brands in these categories:
Camping/Bikepacking Gear
Travel & Tourism

All Brand Partnerships must be booked with 4-6 months lead time.

From our Advertiser / Advertisement

“From our advertiser” or “advertisement” is used to describe content that is created and controlled by an advertising partner.

Investment for posts on the website:
$1,000 per story, maximum 1,000 words, and 2 photos
From the Advertiser includes the opportunity to provide a short video, details below
All From Our Advertiser Partnerships must be booked with 1-2 months lead time.

Pertinent Info:

  • All Content Funding opportunities are booked on a first come, first serve basis with limited availability!
  • The content will be labeled as “Created With”, “From our Advertiser”, or “Thank you XXX for helping make this story happen (Brand Partner)”
  • All Content Funding opportunities include Newsletter promotion to our 57,000+ subscribers.

Required Deliverables for From our Advertiser:

  • Copy including any specific tag requests
  • Separate image files
    • Social media image size: 1080×1080 or less. File size less than 8MB. The higher the quality, the better. If your file is not that size you can use pablo or tinypng to crop and compress.
    • Website image size 600 wide or less. 300dpi, jpeg or png
  • Provide social media links, include any hashtag request links
  • category choices: News, Features, Events, Opinion, Video
  • category choices: News, Transportation, Sport, Adventure
  • Materials due at least 7 business days prior to live date

Video required deliverables:

  • Short video; 3-60 seconds, best results closer to 30 seconds
    • Video & text
    • Image
    • Text
    • Length: max 60 seconds
    • File type: .mp4
    • Max image size: max 4 GB
    • Video aspect ratio: 1.9:1 to 1:1
    • Minimum resolution: 600 x 315 pixels (1.9:1 landscape) / 600 x 600 pixels (square)
    • #sponsor, include any other important tags
    • Your account will be tagged
  • Note: The video needs to be emailed so we can upload it to Instagram via phone and sent via download and Vimeo or YouTube. Correct file size and length should happen on the video production end.

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