Advertising in Digital vs. Print Magazines

by Trina Haynes

Consider the following; 79% of all adults use the Internet, 87% of working adults have daily high-speed access, and 8 in 10 magazines are available online.

Whenever you’re considering purchasing advertisement from a magazine, scout their digital edition. Digital editions can be viewed on tablets, computers and smartphones. A publication should be able to comp you a digital issue at your request.

Some key things to look for:

  •  Does the Table of Contents have hyperlinks to articles with a clean layout for easy finger click?
  • Does it offer jump pages at the bottom
  • Does it offer quick read options, which are a text only reading option that can take a 4 page feature into a scroll down essay style
  • Is the magazine available in landscape or just portrait? Very important if you are buying 2 page spreads. (I’ve seen a lack of this in a few large publications with multiple spreads and the advertiser is losing the impact of their ad)
  • Are all the ad’s URLs hyperlinked
  • Are videos embedded into ads or in content

Almost every magazine on the market has a digital version of their publication. This is an exact replica of their print version, some add in additional touches. Like digital only content, or little animated bird flying by, etc. Either way, when you are looking into advertising in a publication ask the sales rep these questions:

  •  What percent of readers are digital?
  • Do you offer embedded video for advertisers, is there a limitation on ad size purchase for this?
  • If you are considering a video in your digital ad: How should I layout an ad for an embedded video?
  • Are you currently pushing any digital initiatives to grow your market?


You don’t need to ask if this number is increasing, it more than likely is. Digital readers are rising and print reader’s are decreasing. When you look ahead to the next 10 years, we will see print and digital numbers swap places on publication graph’s.

There is a misconception that digital readers are in a separate universe of some kind, held up on a podium as if they are something special and rare. Digital readers are still readers and they are simply more eyes on your advertisement, giving you opportunities to reach readers on a multimedia level.


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