Dirt Rag Launches Commuting Magazine

PITTSBURGH, PA —Dirt Rag Magazine is launching a new magazine called Bicycle Times.

This new magazine will focus on the pavement side of the bicycle experience—from commuting, to touring, to riding with family, to just pedaling around.

“Bicycle Times is a natural progression of publishing Dirt Rag Magazine for 20 years,” said Dirt Rag founder and publisher Maurice Tierney. “Our devotion to the rotating mass of the bicycle wheel extends from the dirt to the pavement.”

“Throughout Dirt Rag’s history, we’ve received quality submissions that are in the free-spirited vein of the magazine, but that happen to be about riding bicycles on roads, not on trails. We also do a lot of road riding ourselves and have a wealth of knowledge about it to share. Now, we’ll have a home for such worthy but not mountain-bike-focused stories,” said Karen Brooks, editor of Dirt Rag.

The inaugural issue of Bicycle Times is slated for April of 2009, which is also the 20th Anniversary of Dirt Rag. In its first year, Bicycle Times will be published quarterly.

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