Bicycle Times Year End Giveaway

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Year End Giveaway

A page in the last issue of the year highlighting the giveaway from complete bikes to accessories and directing readers to our Facebook page. A perennial reader favorite. To enter, readers fill out a survey with demographics and readership feedback to help us know them better. This will be featured on our Facebook page, in print and on our website. Your brand will be tagged as the prize is posted.


  • $2,000 for the bike, featured on a full page and skyline
  • $700 for any bicycle accessories that compliment the bike for a complete cycling package

The sweepstakes will be publicized in the following ways:

  • A full page in the print magazine
  • A Website Post announcing the contest linking to the online survey
  • Announcement on Facebook tagging your brand
  • Announcement in our weekly E-News
  • A reminder post on Facebook and in our weekly E-News near end of the giveaway with your brand tagged.
  • Winner will be chosen, you will be notified of the winner name, email address & shipping information. We prefer that you ship prizes to the winner promptly within 2 weeks or less.
Pertinent Info:
  • All contest weeks are booked on a first come, first serve basis
  • A prize valued at $250.00+ must be provided
  • Prizes are to be shipped within 2 weeks after winner information is provided to company.
  • You will be provided with email addresses of contest entrants after the event. Feel free to re-market or follow up with with a special discount code, opportunity, etc.

Required Deliverables:

  • .jpeg or .png image(s) of prize with MRSP value of $100+
  • Short prize description
  • All deliverable must be submitted  2-weeks in advance to meet scheduled sweepstakes due date

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