Bicycle Times Digital Edition Opportunities

We offer a multitude of options in our multi-media outlets; digital only advertising spreads and embedded video.

Digital Opportunities:

  • Embedded Video
  • Digital Spreads

Vital Info:

  • Bicycle Times digital edition is available on every major platform.
  • 12.5% of readers are digital
  • Having a URL in your advertising materials will result in a hyperlink in digital edition


Embedded Video Information:

Cost: $600

Provide us a youtube link or a hosted URL for the video and the issue in which it should run. This information will be passed onto our Art Directors so they can produce the digital export accordingly.

All youtube videos can be set to private for any time sensitive material. There is an invite option within those settings. You can find more information on how to that here.

We also need:

MOV file.
encoded using H264 compression mp4 codec at 640×380

3MB embedded

Recommended 1.5MB/sec

Digital Spread:

Cost: $800

An exclusive spread in the the digital edition only.




Dimensions 16.25 x 11 trims to 16 x 10.75

Files must be built to spec at print quality resolution of 300dpi, or the resampled equivalent

email materials to labeled “Digital Spread issue #XX”


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Contact us:

For questions about advertising on, contact Associate Publisher Trina Haynes at